Otis – sex therapist of Moordale High

What’s your mom’s profession? Is she a teacher? A writer? A manager? Or a stay-at-home-mom? Whatever her career is, I bet it is way more ordinary than the job of Dr Jean F. Milburn. She is…..

……a sex therapist. And her 16-year old son, Otis Milburn, isn’t exactly thrilled about it. His mother’s profession is the only thing that separates him from being totally invisible at his high school Moordale High, where he, alongside with his gay best friend Eric Effiong and other students experience all kinds of typical teenage struggles – from school problems through family dramas to uncertain first relationships and touches.

After he helps a school bully to overcome his sexual performance anxiety, the snug smoke of Otis’s anonymity disappears. Maeve Wiley, tough looking, yet vulnerable bad girl and social outcast (and my absolutely favourite character) talks Otis into opening a sex clinic for fellow students. From that moment on, the series follows lives of clinic’s clients, growing friendship between Otis and Maeve, Otis’s struggles in the relationship with his mom and much more. 

Main characters are anything but shallow, quite diverse when it comes to backround/race/sexuality etc. and have their, often very relatable, problems. Each of them has their own “time to shine” and develop throughout the series.

Sex Education talks about sexuality and sex, its common but untalked-of struggles, because, let’s not lie to ourselves, this topic is still a kind of taboo. Homosexual relationships are portraited as equal to heterosexual ones, with all that it involves, including sex.

It’s fun, yet it will teach you more than any school Sex Ed lessons have ever had, all in 8 episodes of its first season.

And the best part? Netflix has confirmed season 2! No release date yet, but if the promise of the other season with Otis, Eric, Maeve, Jean, all other characters and this funny, awkward and real series is all I can get for now, I will gladly take it.

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